Thursday, January 29, 2015
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Farmers information is available here. Explore this section for more information.
There are lots of Silo products in stock. You can place your orders or shop here!

Maize Storage and Sales

GMB can buy your maize grains and any other grains. GMB acts as the reserve for the nation.

Maize Storage and Sales Maize Storage and Sales

Supporting Agriculture

We have been supporting the agricultural revolution in Zimbabwe by helping farmers with inputs and buying of their produce.

Supporting Agriculture Supporting Agriculture

Silo Storage

At GMB we boast of high tonage storage through Silos that are spread all over Zimbabwe.

Silo Storage Silo Storage

GMB's Silo Products

GMB has has a Silo brand that offers a number of products. You will get more information on our online shop.

GMB's Silo Products GMB's Silo Products

GMB Dura Head Office

We are strategically located along Samora Machel Avenue at number 187-195 Samora Machel.

GMB Dura Head Office GMB Dura Head Office


The Grain Marketing Board, the country’s leading grain trade and Marketing Company was established under the Maize Control Act of 1931. Its basic responsibilities were to accord producers their fair share of the local and export markets, to provide them with a guaranteed outlet for their excess controlled products and to ensure the availability of adequate supplies for the local demand either from internal production or from exports. These responsibilities have remained fundamentally unchanged, although many commodities in addition to maize have been brought under the control of the Grain Marketing Board. Read More>>


Welcome To GMB Dura Online

Welcome to the website for the Grain Marketing Board. We are pleased that you have taken interest in visiting us online and learn more about our services to the nation. We hope you will find the information here relevant and useful. As a parastatal of Zimbabwe we are committed to being open and accountable to you, and we actively pursue ways to keep you informed about our activities. Our website is one of the ways we do this. Enjoy - Thank You !